CRASHLIGHT® is a safety technology developed specifically for motorcycle riders. In the event of an emergency, CRASHLIGHT® will automatically detect a crash and notify up to three pre-set contacts with the rider's exact location via SMS (text) message, automated phone call, and email. CRASHLIGHT® is available by subscription in the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle app. 

How does CRASHLIGHT® work?

CRASHLIGHT® uses the accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS technology in the smartphone, combined with a software algorithm to detect a crash. When a crash is detected, a three-minute timer is activated. If the rider does not cancel the timer before it reaches zero, notifications will be sent to the rider's pre-set contacts with their location and emergency information.

If you're injured, your contacts can dispatch the most appropriate emergency services to you. You choose your safety team.

Is there a specific place I need to keep the device when riding for CRASHLIGHT® to be effective?

Yes. When using CRASHLIGHT® we recommend you carry the device in a breast pocket for two reasons. First, in the event of a crash, a rider can separate from the bike we want to find you, not your bike. Secondly, carrying the device in your breast pocket reduces vibration that may cause a false positive. 

When you carry your device in a tank bag or in a pannier, or mount your device on the handlebars of your motorcycle, vibration 'noise' may affect the sensors and cause a false positive. To test false positives, use CRASHLIGHT® over a few rides by simply riding normally and listening/watching for a false detection. You can adjust CRASHLIGHT® sensitivity to high, medium, or low. 

Will CRASHLIGHT® be activated if I drop my phone?

No. Absolutely not. The CRASHLIGHT® algorithm listens for a complex sequence of events in order to detect a crash. The multi-signal algorithm means CRASHLIGHT® will not be activated if the rider drops the device or comes to a hard stop. If you see a false positive, adjust the sensitivity mode or contact ESR support if it is an ongoing issue.

Can I cancel the CRASHLIGHT® notification if I'm OK?

Yes. Once activated, you have three-minutes to cancel the CRASHLIGHT® notification. The rider can slide to cancel the CRASHLIGHT® notification if they're OK. If CRASHLIGHT® is not cancelled at the end of 180 seconds, the riders' contacts are notified via phone call, SMS and email with the riders last known GPS co-ordinates. Those notified can immediately take action.

Will CRASHLIGHT® self-cancel if I continue to ride normally?

Yes, CRASHLIGHT® has a cooling mechanism. If a crash is detected an alarm will sound, but if you continue to ride normally, CRASHLIGHT® will self-cancel 99.1% of the time. When you continue riding within the 3-minute alarm window, it self-cancels.

Is my location kept private in the event of a CRASHLIGHT® notification?

Yes. Only those you choose to be notified will see your last known location. You choose your safety team and your data is kept strictly private to them. Your location can only be viewed and shared by your pre-set contacts.


Yes. Once you subscribe to CRASHLIGHT®, you can run unlimited test notifications to your contacts. You can also change your CRASHLIGHT® contacts at any time, as many times as you'd like.

What devices can CRASHLIGHT® run on?

The EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS app and CRASHLIGHT® are available on iOS devices as well as Android devices. The ESR app is not recommended for tablet devices.

How is CRASHLIGHT® tested?

We continue to work with public and private sector crash scientists to map normal motorcycle riding against typical single vehicle, multi-vehicle, low-side, and high-side motorcycle crashes. We conduct both simulated and actual crash tests to verify the crash detection technology. In addition, our crowd-sourced crash detection machine learning algorithms process crash signals contributed by thousands of riders within the community. 

When riding outside of my coverage area, am I charged long-distance fees by my carrier for CRASHLIGHT® notifications?

No. There are no additional fees charged by your carrier for CRASHLIGHT® notifications. However, when roaming, you are responsible for your standard cellular and data network roaming fees.

What happens when I ride out of cellphone range?

CRASHLIGHT® requires an active cellular and data network and a reliable GPS signal to work effectively. When a smartphone is connected to a cellular and data network, CRASHLIGHT® will make calls and send messages on behalf of the rider. If the mobile device can't connect to a cellular and data network, it can not.

When CRASHLIGHT® is activated in a weak coverage area, it is designed to automatically repeat connection attempts until notifications are sent successfully.

Why is there an annual subscription cost?

The CRASHLIGHT® technology sends emergency information to your contacts via SMS, voice call, and email in any country across any border. CRASHLIGHT® notifications are sent through a network provider to guarantee delivery anywhere in the world 24/7.

Every time a notification is sent, be it a test or a crash notification, a cost is incurred by EatSleepRIDE. To make the service available and to sustain development, we charge a minimal annual fee. We've worked very hard to keep costs down and to make the CRASHLIGHT® service affordable for everyone. CRASHLIGHT® is now available for $49 USD per year (price adjusted by country). Thank you for supporting CRASHLIGHT® and contributing to the development of safety technology for motorcycle riders.

Is the CRASHLIGHT® subscription automatically renewed at the end of the year?

This depends on your device.

CRASHLIGHT® will not automatically renew for Apple or iOS devices. After 12 months, CRASHLIGHT® will ask permission to subscribe to an additional year.

CRASHLIGHT® will automatically renew for Android devices. Subscriptions can be canceled in Google Play.

How was the EatSleepRide app and CRASHLIGHT® made possible?

This project was made possible in part by the Canadian Media Fund and the multitude of beta testers and friends who ride. We'd like to thank everyone for their invaluable support.

What is the cost to upgrade to CRASHLIGHT?

We are committed to motorcycle safety and keeping the cost of CRASHLIGHT® as low as we can. The subscription cost per year is US$14.99 (price adjusted by country). 

We built CRASHLIGHT® so no one would have to be alone in the event of a motorcycle accident. Riding a motorcycle is knowing you're alive. Make it count!

If you have any questions, comments, praise, or criticism, drop us a line at feedback@EatSleepRIDE.com (we read everything). 

- ESR Team