We believe motorcyclists should have access to affordable, mobile safety just by using their smartphones. Recognizing that, we're making CRASHLIGHT® free for 5 days to everyone

Getting free CRASHLIGHT® is as simple as this:
1. Download the EatSleepRIDE App on the App Store or Google Play
2. You'll be automatically subscribed to CRASHLIGHT®. You should receive a notification shortly after signing up.
3. At the end of the 5-day period, consider subscribing.



While using CRASHLIGHT®, it's completely normal to trigger a false positive on your ride. Once CRASHLIGHT® triggers, you'll see a countdown and hear an alarm, which you'll have 3 minutes to cancel. If it's not cancelled before the timer reaches zero, it means you need help. That's when notifications are sent to the rider's preset contacts by landline call, text message, and email with a link to the rider's exact location.

To reduce false positives, we've made it easy to control the sensitivity by adding CRASHLIGHT® MODES, a sensitivity setting that you can adjust depending on where the rider carries their smartphone). 

If you trigger a false alarm, you can pull over and cancel it or keep riding because the system is intelligent enough to self-cancel when movement is detected. Remember, you need a GPS fix to detect movement!

If you have any questions, comments, praise, or criticism, drop us a line at feedback@EatSleepRIDE.com (we read everything). 

- ESR Team