What is Group Ride? 

Group Ride is a feature on the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS App. The feature enables you to coordinate rides with other ESR users, as well as track their locations in real time on your Go-Ride map.

Can I turn my visibility off in Group Ride?

Yes, simply toggle the "Share my location" switch off on your Group Ride profile. 

Can I invite as many riders as I want to my group?

Yes, you can invite as many riders as you'd like to your Group Ride.

I am using ESR App from Vancouver. Can I still see my group friend's location riding in South Africa?

Yes, Group Ride allows you to track other riders globally as long as they are also using the ESR app. 

Do I have to keep my phone's screen on to be able to use ESR Group Ride?

No, as long as the ESR app is running in the background, you do not need to keep your device's screen on. You should provide the permissions for ESR to run in the background.

Can I add additional admins to my Group Ride?

No, only the owner of the group can invite new members. Today, you can not add or transfer ownership from one person to another, but if you reach out to our ESR Support Team, they will happily make the switch for you. 

Can I text or call my group members?

No, texting or calling your Group Ride members is not an option quite yet. 


If you have any questions, comments, praise, or criticism, drop us a line at feedback@EatSleepRIDE.com (we read everything). 

- ESR Team