When you record your ride using the ESR App, you can share your location with friends and contacts using the new Live Tracking feature to enable friends to live track your ride.

Easily control who can see your ride in real-time. 

A. First, download the EatSleepRIDE app for iPhone or for Android

1. Now, log In to the EatSleepRIDE website using your app credentials

2. Hover above your profile image and ESR name, and select Live Tracking from the dropdown menu.

4. Here, you can add the emails of people you'd like to share your location with, as you ride. 

5. Now click the Notify Contacts button to tell Live Tracking to send an email to your contacts with the specific URL.

B. Record Your Ride to enable tracking

To share your location, you'll need to record your ride. Also, your device will need a GPS fix and access to a data network to share your location effectively.

C. Set your location visibility to "Everyone" or "Group"

Be sure to have the option Share My Location turned on to make yourself visible. Turn off the option to go invisible.

D. Cancel location sharing

You can cancel location sharing in two ways.

1. Revoke Sharing using the website.  Click the Revoke Sharing button on the website to revoke all access to your location. If your contacts click on the URL, they will see a message that you've stopped sharing your location.

2. Turn Off the option Share My Location to cancel the location sharing on your mobile device.

The EatSleepRIDE app is the most advanced and comprehensive mobile app for motorcycle riders. Brought to you by EatSleepRIDE.com, a community for motorcycle riders.