Welcome to the EatSleepRIDE Family! We're on a mission to help passionate riders all over the globe ride better, farther and safer using our easy-to-use app and state-of-the-art CRASHLIGHT® technology. Our commitment to making your experience with the ESR app as easy and intuitive as possible has led us to create a list of the key things that you should know about using the app. 

Below are 10 of the essentials that will help you make the most of the ESR app. For additional information, check out our library of ESR Support Articles.

1. Signing Up

Before anything, it's key to make an ESR Account. 

2. Setting up Motion & Fitness for Accurate Tracking (iOS)

Some permissions may need to be updated on some phones to accurately record your rides. See how!

3. Getting Started with CRASHLIGHT®

CRASHLIGHT® automatically detects a motorcycle crash and notifies pre-set contacts of your location. New riders get their first 30 days free!

4. Recording and Tracking Your Ride

Recording a ride lets you use CRASHLIGHT®, and also provides some handy stats at the end like duration, distance travelled, lean angle and elevation!

5. Creating a Group Ride

Group Rides are a great way to coordinate rides with other ESR users and track their locations in real time on the Go-Ride map. Here's how to create one!

6. Joining a Group Ride

Once Group Ride invitations are sent by the creator, joining is easy!

7. Following Other Riders

Grow your ESR friends list by following riders.

8. Saving & Following a Route

Once your route is saved, get out and ride it!

9. Sharing Your Location with Friends and Family

Our Live Tracking feature enables friends and family to track your ride in real-time. 

10. Joining Challenges

Challenges are a great way to engage with the ESR app and kick your riding into a new gear, engage with the ESR community and potentially win great prizes!


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Thank you for riding with ESR. From all of us, take care and ride safe!