Getting involved in ESR Group Rides is an exciting way to coordinate trips with other ESR users! Get ready to ride with your group by following the instructions below. 

How to send a Group Ride invitation

To send a Group Ride invitation, you must be the owner of a Group Ride. To create your own Group Ride, check out our article How to organize a Group Ride. If you're already the owner of a Group Ride, simply follow the instructions below: 

1. Open the ESR app and tap on the Group Ride icon

2. Tap into the group you would like to invite members to

3. Tap the ellipses at the top right corner of your screen

4. Tap Add Members

5. Search for the member you'd like to invite and tap INVITE

Note: you can cancel an invitation, or remove a rider from a group by simply tapping the "x" beside their username in your group ride.

How to accept a Group Ride invitation


  • A push notification, or
  • An email

Additional information about ESR Group Ride

  • You can create or join unlimited Group Rides, but you can only be active in one Group Ride at a time (being active in a Group Ride means you can see members on your Go-Ride map)
  • You can show or hide your location to members in your active Group Ride
  • When you are not active in a Group Ride, your location is hidden
  • If you hide your location to members in your active Group Ride, you will still be able to see those members who are showing their location

Let's take a look at how a Push Notification Group Ride invitation works

  1. You'll get a Group Ride push notification if you have Push Notifications enabled

2.  Open the notification to see the group host (fenny) and the name of the Group Ride (Van City Sunday Coffee) or Decline the invitation.

3. Once you Join the Group Ride, you'll see the name of the group under Groups Joined

Let's accept a Group Ride invitation over email

  1. Open the email you received for the Group Ride invitation and click on Accept this invitation.

2. Select Open to open the app.


3. Select JOIN RIDE GROUP to join the Group Ride.

4. Select the Groups Joined tab to view the list of the Group Rides you've joined.


5. Open the Group to make it your active group! Only your active groups will display on your Map.