By adding a motorcycle to your garage, you can personalize your EatSleepRIDE app and keep track of each journey you take on your motorcycle. Specifically, you can track statistics like the number of rides, ride duration, and mileage specific to each motorcycle in your garage. 

To add your first motorcycle and track its mileage, follow these three steps:

1. Tap Profile > The GarageAdd Bike.

2. Add a Location, Nickname, Make, Model, and Year to personalize your bike! You can also add color (optional)write a blurb and add a photo

3. Tap Post when you're ready, and presto! Your new bike will appear in your garage. To track your mileage, refer to the "Distance" on your bike post.


Note that you are able to add multiple bikes to your garage.

Be sure to brag to your friends about your ESR stats and always be on the lookout for new ESR Challenges in which you can gain points for riding! 

If you'd like us to look into any issues you're having with this feature, please let us know by getting in touch at (we read everything).

Take care and ride safe!

- Team ESR