Are you looking to keep in touch with fellow riders or meet new folks to ride with?

By using the ESR app, you have consistent access to an inclusive community of people who share a passion for riding. Why not follow some of them and keep in touch? 


How to follow a friend on ESR

1. Open the ESR app (or download it for free on the App Store or Google Play Store)  

2. Tap the Explore icon (the left-most icon on your bottom navbar)

3. Tap the Search icon and type in the username of the rider you would like to follow

4. Tap the Follow icon

Following another rider on ESR

If you'd like to filter the content of your ESR feed to display friends' posts only, you can tap the filter at the top of your Explore Feed and select "Friends" from the quick access menu (Between "Fresh" and "Team Feed": 

By following another rider, you can send messages, view their activity and posts in your ESR Feed, and even track their live locations while you use the ESR app!

If you would like to track a rider's live location, you have the option to set up a Group Ride. This feature allows you to store multiple friends in a group and view their live real-time locations directly on your Go-Ride map.

To learn more about Group Ride, check out our article How to organize a Group Ride

If you have any questions, comments, praise, or criticism, drop us a line at (we read everything). 

Thank you for riding with ESR. From all of us, take care and ride safe!