Create a Group Ride to stay connected with fellow riders on the ESR app!

This feature allows you to coordinate rides with other ESR users and track where they are in real-time on the Go-Ride map. You can create multiple groups, but you can only be active in one group at a time. We recommend you keep your group size manageable, but theoretically, there is no limit to the number of riders you can add to a single group.

ESR Group Ride

How Group Ride Works

Suppose you have three separate crowds that you like to ride with. One is called "WRWR USA", another is "Ducati Riders" and the last is "Monday ride".

Each of these groups can have completely different members, or they can include crossover members (i.e. you can share more than one group with the same rider). 

As the owner of a group, you can invite as many people as you'd like, but you can only be active in one group at a time. An active state allows you to see all of your group members and where they are on the Go-Ride map (unless their visibility is turned off). 

To keep your location private, you can toggle visibility ON or OFF on the Group Ride screen. To learn more about ensuring your privacy, check out this article about how visibility works on ESR or head over to the Group Ride FAQ.

ESR Go-Ride Map to Toggling Visibility

How to Create your first Group Ride

1. Open the ESR app (or download it for free on the App Store or Google Play Store)  

2. Tap the ESR Group Ride button (on the bottom toolbar)

3. Tap the CREATE GROUP RIDE button 

4. Choose a unique Group Name and tap Next


Creating a unique Group Ride 

5. Invite other riders by typing their usernames into the search bar and tapping Invite. You can also cancel an invitation, or remove a rider from a group by simply tapping the "x" beside their username in your group ride. 

Inviting and uninviting Group Ride members

Only the owner of the group can invite new members. For now, you can not transfer ownership from one person to another, but if you'd like to do so you can send an email to the ESR Support Team and we will happily make the change for you. 

Once you've created or joined a group, all active members will appear on the Go-Ride screen and you can follow their progress in real-time! 

How to Activate your Group Ride

As mentioned earlier, you can only be active in one Group Ride at a time. This means that at any given time, riders can track the location and activity of only one group and its associated members. 

You can, of course, have more than one group.

To choose which Group Ride you would like to activate, swipe to the Groups Joined tab, tap your desired group, and toggle to "activated". You will see text confirmation once your Group Ride is active.

Activating a Group Ride

How to Check the Status of Other Riders

To see who is active in your Group Ride, follow these three steps:

1. Open the ESR app (or download it for free on the App Store or Google Play Store)  

2. Pinch to zoom in or out until you locate your fellow riders. 

3. Tap on the group member you'd like to track and an info box will pop up providing you with their location information. You can also tap the ellipsis (...) on the info box to view the rider's profile or send them a message. 

Group Ride as seen on the Go-Ride screen

The current location of the group members is updated every 2 minutes.

Privacy and Safety

You are in control of your location and your privacy-- you can turn your visibility ON or OFF with one swipe. To edit your privacy settings, follow these two steps:

1. Tap the Group Ride icon on the Go-Ride map

2. Toggle the switch under "Share My Location"

When your visibility is ON, only the group owner and active group members will be able to view your location on the Go-Ride screen. Note that after turning your visibility off, your last known location will remain visible on the Go-Ride map for 36 hours.

This built-in safety feature makes it easy for members to find you in the event that your safety is in question if you go silent. Maybe you ran out of battery or maybe you need help, either way, your group will know where you were last seen.

How to Delete or Leave a Group Ride

Only the owner of a Group Ride has the power to delete group members. Riders are, however, free to leave a Group Ride whenever they'd like. 

As a Group Ride owner, you can remove members from the group by tapping the "x" beside their names on a given group's page. To leave a group, navigate to your group page, tap the ellipsis (...) in the upper-right corner of your screen, and tap "Leave Ride Group". 

Removing a Group Ride Member vs Leaving a Group Ride

When a rider is removed from a group, their location will no longer be visible to that group and the group's location will no longer be visible to them. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that the ESR Group Ride feature makes planning trips easier, faster, safer, and more fun! If you have any feedback about Group Ride, drop us a message at We always love to hear from you.

Thanks for being part of the ESR gang!

Take care and ride safe,

- Team ESR