Record your rides using EatSleepRIDE to track your performance and share routes

Before recording your ride, make sure your phone's location tracking is turned on and you have a GPS Fix. Once recorded, you can replay and save your rides, then publish your routes to share with friends.

To record and save a ride:

  1. Open the EatSleepRIDE app and the Go Ride screen is displayed
  2. Tap on the red record button

3. Once you start recording, the red record button will change to the blue pause button.

4. Tap the pause button and select SAVE, the Save Ride screen is displayed.

5. Save a ride and add the following details:

  • Edit your trip name or leave it as date and time (optional)
  • Choose your ride to track your stats
  • Contribute to CRASHLIGHT and let us know if you had a crash or not and tell us where you had your device

 6.  Click on the SAVE RIDE button to save your trip!

 7.   Your saved rides can be viewed and replayed from the SAVED RIDES tab User Profile (Helmet icon)

NOTE: When you're saving your trip, if you see a "Searching for GPS" message pop up on the screen this may be due to your phone's GPS fix not working properly. Make sure you have a GPS Fix on your device.

Features use can use while recording a ride

The following features can be accessed while recording a ride.

1. Ride detail panel: You can view details like distance, duration, and speed.

2. Challenges: View the progress of your joined challenges when you tap on the challenges icon.

3. Group Ride: Use Group Ride features while recording a ride by tapping on the Group Ride icon.

4. Settings: To change the app settings while recording a ride, tap the Settings icon. 


If you are seeing any problems with recording your rides, get in touch with us at