Challenges are a great way to engage with the ESR app community and kick your riding into a new gear, and have a chance to win great prizes!

To join a challenge, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the EatSleepRIDE aka ESR app
  2. From the Go Ride screen (map screen), Navigate to the Challenges section from the bottom navigation bar (The Trophy Icon!)
  3. Under "Featured Games", check out the active challenges. Tap a game to view the rules, and description and see the leaderboard. 
  4. Use the "JOIN" button to join a challenge. 
  5. Accept the rules and Select "Join Game"

When you join a game, all your Place challenges (or locations to visit) will now be displayed as markers on your map

Simply tap any marker on the map to view details for the Challenge.

When you start playing, you'll also see your progress by tapping the Games icon on the Map, it's your Games HQ. From here you'll see a list of games that you can earn points on. The circle gauge on the map allows you to see at a glance how far you need to go to get to the next distance challenge. If a particular game needs your attention, it will dance.


See progress for all your Games from the Games HQ icon on the map.


Each unique Challenge within a Game will be displayed as a marker on the map. It has four states, allowing you to quickly get the status of the Challenge:

  • An Active Marker indicates you are within range to either Check-in or Pass-by a location. For Android, the Active Challenge marker will bounce and in iOS, you'll see the marker increase in size.
  • The Inactive Marker tells you, you're not within range to Check-in or Pass-by, yet. Get closer to collecting points!
  • The Locked Out Marker means that you can repeat the Check-in or Pass-by to collect points but you'll have to wait a period of time to do it again. This is a rule that helps keep the game fair. You don't want a player parked at a marker to keep collecting points, right!?
  • The Completed Marker tells you that you've already been there. You can't repeat the challenge in that particular game, but you can tap it to view additional requirements for that challenge.