Location Privacy Is In Effect

You can share your exact location with friends and people you trust using the Group Ride feature.

Creating a group works reciprocally. You must invite a rider to your Group Ride, and the rider must accept your invitation to Group Ride. Once that is done, you will see each other's location.

TIP: Both riders must mutually add each other to their Ride Groups to share the exact location.


Invite A Rider To Your Ride Group

  1.  From the Go Ride screen, tap the Group Ride icon.
  2. Go to the Ride Group screen and tap Create Group Ride.
  3. Give a unique name for the group and tap Next.
  4. Enter a rider's username by typing the first few characters of her/his username and then just tap the Invite button next to the rider's name. You can invite multiple riders to your list.

5. Once you've added the riders to your list, click on the toggle Activate your ride group.

6. Once the riders accept your group invite, go to the Go-Ride screen to see everyone on a map—it'll take a few minutes to update. Tap Group to see a list of your group riders and their distance from you.

Remove A Rider From Your Group to Stop Sharing Your Location!

Stop sharing your location with a rider by tapping the "X" symbol next to his/her name in the Group Ride.

Alternatively, you can stop sharing your location with everyone by going to Group Ride Screen > Share My Location > Turn the Toggle Off.