What is a Route?

The ESR App allows you to record rides and share routes with the community. When a ride is posted to the ESR server, we call it a "Route". Routes are discoverable for other ESR riders and don't contain data (like speed, duration, elevation, and lean angle). Instead, they only show trip points in what we call a polyline. This is a blue line that is drawn on the map.

Your speed, elevation and lean angle are NOT shared when you publish a route -- this data remains private to your device. Only the polyline is shared.

Saving Your Route

To save your ride (stored locally) as a route, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the ESR App
  2. Navigate to the "Explore" screen
  3. Press the (+) "Create" Button
  4. Choose "Route"
  5. Choose "Pick a Ride" and choose a previously saved Ride
  6. Add a Title and Description to your ride
  7. Post!

From here, your route will be on your profile, just like any stories that you share.

Following Route

Be it a route that you created, or one found on ESR's Nearby Feature, you can use the ESR app to follow your route. While the ESR app still does not have turn-by-turn GPS functionality, you can use the map feature to keep track of where you are along your route so you don't miss a single turn. 

Riding as a group? Be sure to check out our article on Organizing a Group Ride