Enable Permission for Motion & Fitness

If you are an iOS user, you will be asked to allow Motion & Fitness to use ESR when you set up your account. 

The ESR app requires the Motion & Fitness sensor to accurately track your ride, provide stats including lean angle and elevation. This permission is also used to enable recording when you put ESR in the background or take a call and use other apps. 

Note ESR only uses the Motion & Fitness sensor while recording a ride. 

If you "Don't allow" at account creation, the app will keep asking you to allow it until you do.

Trouble Shooting

What's a bit confusing is that if you have Motion & Fitness turned OFF, you must enable the Motion & Fitness Setting before you will see the list of apps you can provide Motion & Fitness permission for. 

How to enable Motion & Fitness

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Select the Privacy & Security setting
  3. Toggle Motion & Fitness into the ON position
  4. Continue to the ESR app and you should see the Map

Note: If you are still having trouble and the toggle button is already ON, try toggling it off and on. 

If you are still not having any luck, it may be because you have disabled Motion & Fitness for all apps. To remedy this...

  1. Launch the Settings app and find Privacy & Security
  2. Locate Motion & Fitness 
  3. Turn on Fitness Tracking (shown below)

Pro Tip!

If the App Store is turned off in cellular mode, even if you have the Motion & Fitness sensor enabled, it will not be recognized. Try it and let us know if it works for you by sending the support team a quick note